I have been living on the Sunshine Coast since I was 4 years old! So for 36 years!! I have been a beauty therapist now for over 23 years. Once having my 3 children, (3 under 3 ½)

I only wanted to work from home around my family. My Three boys are growing fast and all at high school now. I have a beautiful salon I am proud of which is attached to our home.  I have loved growing my business, I have wonderful clients whom I love to take care of. I have always kept up my skills and always willing to learn anything new on the market. I attend beauty expo’s, training & information day’s. Other than beauty therapy other interests I have are: Surfing, my husband and I surf with my kids almost every day before school/work. We are quite social and have wonderful friends whom we love to spend time with on weekends. We go camping, sailing, water skiing, snow skiing go to the gym. And spending time with family.